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Vietnam Tour Tailor Company is one of the leading pioneers to promote the lovely and beautiful Nation and its people to friends all over the world. With the history of 6 years development, we are specialized at Tailor Made Tour Package in Vietnam. Hanoi & Vietnam  Tour Tailor strongly believe that in their best efforts along with numerous assistance by the entire community we can fulfill our mission, greatly contributing to the process of national industrialization and modernization.


Vietnam Tour Tailor is Not – For – Profit organization founded and run by a group of  Tour Guides, Tour Operators and Hoteliers January 2007


Within the next five years, Hanoi Tour Tailor will become the premier Not-For-Profit Company in customization tours in Hanoi and Vietnam, increasing the number of clients from 5000 at the present to 15.000 by 2017 and becoming an internationally known for the tour arrangement in Hanoi and Vietnam with the high excitement and satisfactory of the tours it offers.


Strategic Goals
Hanoi  Tour Tailor is aimed at propagandizing and publicly introducing the images of Vietnam, its country and people to foreigners, promoting cross-cultural communication and building up a bridge for the enhancement of international relations for the betterment of the society.




VietnamTour Tailor’s missions are:


– To help tourists to creat the Best-to-demand tour packages in Hanoi and Vietnam with the good price.
– To give on-going support and assistance towards Vietnamese tourist industry
– To better promote communication, cultural exchange among Vietnamese locals and people of different countries
– To offer a wide range of information that the tourists will need for traveling around Vietnam especially Hanoi & the North.
– To further contribute to the local economy and a prosperous Vietnam in the future.


Vietnam Tour Tailor Trade Mark:



The logo of Vietnam Tour Tailor (VTT) is the design ONLY used for Vietnam Tour Tailor Co. LTD. All rights reserved!

This logo is the design from Madam Tung Kok Kwan from National University of Malaysia – Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, Department of Architecture. Her creation is the present for the development of Vietnam Tour Tailor. 

The logo is accepted and protected by Vietnamese Government for its unique and representativeness for Vietnam Tour Tailor (VTT) Trade mark. Any effort to copy or modify this logo to add into any other websites will lead to illegal charges and will cause to the litigation from Vietnam Tour Tailor. As it is FULLY protected by Vietnamese Government, the cost of the litigation and the expenditures must be covered by the litigated part. Punishment would be up to 100,000 USD as per from Vietnam Trademark Law.

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