Dear Travelers,

You would like to customize your own trip or just need a car rental for your business or moving.

You find it quite complicated to get a car rental with a driver in Hanoi and Vietnam from Car or Travel company. You are afraid that the price is expensive and do not know how they build up there price. They may see that you are soft so that they give very high price and a better price if you are not?

Vietnam Tour Tailor would like to introduce the easy way for travelers to get the REAL Car Rental CostAs also a car company, we get the cost by Vietnam Dong Per kilomiter (Dong/km). 

If it is a day trip, you can multiply the total kms with the price per km to get the total Car Rental Cost.

– If you rent the car overnight, we would just add up the Overnight cost accordingly to the kind being rent. You can multiply the kms with the price per km and plus the Overnight cost to get the Total cost.

– If you are visiting a Mountainous area with hard drive, 25% of the cost would be added up for the Mountain drive as the vehicle consumes bigger gassoline and harder drive with bigger wear and tear.

– In some Hanoi Vietnam special occasions, the big vehicles are normally charged 1.5 times more as the normal.

This car costs includes all Meals of driver, hotel he will stay overnight (included in the fare). You will have to worry nothing much about him. Just simply give him extra tips for good driving after the journey.

The difference of our Car Rental and Taxi service?


The Taxi company now is 14.000d/km Real Distance, you will have to pay more for the Toll Fee, Car Parking if it is needed.

Vietnam Tour Tailor Car Rental: It is just 6.500d/km for the same type of car. Our cars are of course higher quality and newer. It is only used for tourism purpose.

Quality of services:

Taxi Driver have to horn all the time in Hanoi, they are always in a hurry. Beeping horn is their habbit and you will have nothing fun for a day driving.

Our drivers are always careful. Formost, they understand very well the need of customers and hardly they beep the horn. You have more peace in your mind for the journey.

As they are trained to serve, the service is also the things we cannot compare. They also move everywhere so that there is no corner of this country they do not know.


You may not believe that moving with a car company is cheaper than a taxi? Yes, it is true!

The fact is that the taxi run by meters but then you donot pay just the real kms, the meter can run according to the music the driver listens.

Our Car rental is simply pre arranged. There will be not a trouble for this type.

So, Just to know The Tourism Travel Distance of your Destination and the Type of vehicle you would like to get. We will get out the Final Price for your car rental. It is simply easy, fast, believable and we’ve NEVER failed to get customers’ satisfactions!

Vehicles for rent:

1. 4 Seats car rental per Km

2. 7 Seats car rental per Km

3. 16 Seats Van for rent per Km

4. 24 & 29 Seats coach for rent per Km

5. 35 Seats Coach for rent per Km

6. 45 (50) Seats Coach for rent per Km

7. Vietnam Car Rentals

8. Vietnam cities travel distance from Hanoi (Tourism distance)