Getting a Hanoi Car Rental with Vietnam Tour Tailor Company Ltd (VTT) would bring to you safety and worry-free with the best deals for the vehicle Rental Services in Vietnam! Let’s come with us to enjoy the formula:

Vietnam car rental with English speaking drivers with Vietnam tour company special deals

You find it quite complicated to get a car rental with a driver in Hanoi and Vietnam from Car or Travel company. You are afraid that the price is expensive and do not know how they build up there price. They may see that you are soft so that they give very high price and a better price if you are not?

VTT would like to introduce the easy way for travelers to get the REAL Car Rental CostAs also a car company, we get the cost by Vietnam Dong Per kilomiter (Dong/km). 

Vietnam car rental special rates with English speaking drivers

– In Chinese New Year, the big vehicles are normally charged 1.25 to 1.5 times more as the normal.

This car costs INCLUDES: Meals of driver, hotel he will stay overnight, Gasoline and Tolls . You will have to worry nothing about him. Just simply give him extra tips for good driving after the journey if you like.

Let’s get to know our Vietnam Private Driver Guide:

1. Keep the vehicle in the good conditions.

Our driver will be cleaning the vehicle when it is in the break and make sure the interior always clean with No smell. Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in our Vietnam Car Rental so if you are longing for a cigarette, please just do not hesitate to ask our Driver Guide to stop by on the side of the street for you to walk out for a smoke.

2. Our Driver Guide is always on time for the plan.

If your plane arrives at 8.00 am, our driver should be around at 7.45 already at the arrival Gate. Why? because your flight can arrive earlier than normal and if it is, we do not want you to fly 20 hours to wait for somebody to pick you up like other Vietnam Car rentals do.

3. Deal with problem which arise.

When you are on a car rental without a guide visiting a local village and get followed by so many persistent shop keepers or you are in the case that you need a Vietnam person do it for you, this is the time our Driver Guide will be by your side. In case of a problem need communications and the driver can be lack of fluent English ability, he can call our Hot Line Support and we can together help you deal with any problem arise.

4. Suitable dress code and attitude.

Our Driver Guides always understand the single mission you are requesting. If it is a Business trip, our driver will of course be getting in a smarter uniform. Even if it is a very casual situation, he will not be wearing such a casual cloths. With all customers, our Drivers are always polite and gentle with the right attitude to the job.

5. Your Trusted Friend in all the corner of Vietnam.

He will be simply a Vietnamese – the one who show you the best with any corner of it. Our driver knows exactly all of our Vietnam and he will be your trusted friend to bring you to the right place and do the right thing.

So, let’s get the Vietnam Car rental Services with us and with our Guide Driver to discover the whole country of Vietnam with your own style.


Vehicles for rent:


1. 4 Seats car rental per Km

2. 7 Seats car rental per Km

3. 16 Seats Van for rent per Km

4. 24 & 29 Seats coach for rent per Km

5. 35 Seats Coach for rent per Km

6. 45 (50) Seats Coach for rent per Km

7. Vietnam Car Rentals

8. Vietnam cities travel distance from Hanoi (Tourism distance)

To make a reservation at the discounted rate, please fill in the form below. The discounted rate is available for single or double (twin) occupancy and includes breakfast, 5% hotel service charge, prevailing government taxes (normally) and 10% VAT. All reservations must be prepaid by bank transfer, cash or with a major credit card. You will receive confirmation of your reservation from Vietnam Tour Tailor Sales Department by e-mail within 24 hours.