45 seaters car is one of the common choice for tourists moving as a big family or friends.

Vietnam Tour Tailor would like to give some brief information of the 45 seats cars that we own and run. 


Car types: Huyndai

 Year of Production: 2009- 2010






What is included?

+ Car rental with experienced and skillful driver.

+ All parking tickets

+ All Toll fees

+ Meals of driver during working shift.

+ All gasoline used during the trip.

What is Excluded?

+ Cost for overnight ( It is $50 night for overnight cost)

+ Tipping for good service

+ Extra working time.

+ Special event in Vietnam Extra charge.

+ Mountainous area drive.

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45 seats Hanoi Car Rental (Price per Km): 19,000 VND per Km

Some samples distance and prices of  45 seats Hanoi Car Rental:

Tour Type  Hanoi citytour 1 day Halong Bay1 day tour Halong Bay2 days tour Hoa Lu - TamCoc day tour Airport pick up
Distance(Tourism) 200 km 350 km 450 km 300 km 100 km
Overnight cost 0 0 $50 0 0
Total: 3.800.000d= 181 USD 6.650.000d = 317 USD 9.600.000= 457 USD  4.500.000d= 214 USD  1900.000d= 91 USD*

*= Special Offer: Hanoi Airport pick up at $75 private 45 seats car.

Other itinerary and prices, please do not hesitate to contact to our Tailor Expert at: info@hanoitourtaior.com.

45 seats Hanoi Car Rental (Price per Km): 19.000 VND per Km

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If you would like to Customize your trip, please contact us to: info@hanoitourtailor.com.