VTT would like to offer the FREE Vietnam Visa arrangement Service for any Traveler booking our travel Package to explore Hanoi and Vietnam. This is the best way to get Vietnam Visa quick, easy and cheap. Private special services can be arranged perfectly with our Tailor Experts



As you are NOT an ASIAN citizen (10 countries in South East Asia) and some special country like Scandinavians, Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, you will need to get a Visa for Vietnam if you would like to visit this wonderful country where mass tourism has not come yet! What you would do?

         Searching where Vietnamese Embrassy is in your place? Send your Passport there to ask for a Visa after an apllication form. They would need your real passport for a couple of time and this may cause inconviniences. The visa for Vietnam would cost above $50 US depending in the regions. You may need to wait sometimes also.

          Ask somebody to do that for you with a service? That would totaly cost more than the money you will have to spend for the Visa only.

       So, Let’s forget all these complicated and expensive services and let Vietnam Tour Tailor cares your Visa On Arrival with the most comparative, honourable & prompt service.


What we need to get?


Just a scan of your passport, date you would like to travel inside Vietnam then EMAIL to us through: info@hanoitourtailor.com. We will have your visa done in 2 working days. The Invitation letter from Vietnamese Immigration Department would be sent back to you. With that letter, you will have the Vietnam Visa when you reach to one of Vietnam International airports: Noi Bai airport (Hanoi city), Danang Airport or Tan Son Nhat airport (Sai Gon city).


So Visa On Arrival would bring you any benefit?


1. The time of waiting for the Visa is 2 working days. Not as long as the other type.

2. It is done Online with several mouse click, you will not waste time and money.

3. It is totally trusted as you will get the offical stamp from Vietnamese Immigration Department. 

4. It is the cheapest way with only 15 USD for a person to get this special service.


Vietnam Tour Tailor Special Promotion! 


From now till 30/9/2013, Vietnam Tour Tailor would like to offer the FREE Visa On Arrival Arrangment to ALL customers traveling with a Travel Package with us.

Note: The Visa On Arrival Arrangement may differ accordingly to the nationalities of customers as Vietnamese Diplomat Policy.

For more Details, please visit: Vietnam Online Visa  or: http://hanoitourtailor.com/vietnam-online-visa


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